Thanks to steady advances in technology, wood stoves aren’t the only option to heat your home anymore. Gas stoves offer numerous advantages, one of which is they offer clean burning. There’s no need to clean up ashes or chop firewood to warm up your home any longer. Simply turn on the switch and enjoy the radiant heat from your gas stove!

Many models of gas stoves can be operated by remote, a wall switch or timer, or a programmable thermostat. You have complete control over the amount of heat, how long it burns, and the appearance of the flame itself. You won’t have to worry about being too hot or shivering for hours until the fire finally ignites. Gas stoves are a clean, efficient way to stay warm.

Our gas stoves come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs to fit your home’s décor. Most of our gas stoves can be operated with natural gas or propane, too. You always have a choice when you come to Avon Stove and Fireplace Co.!

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Just like a gas stove, a gas fireplace can give you the gift of clean heat. You can depend on your gas fireplace to heat your entire home in the dead of winter. With a gas fireplace, you can choose the type of flame and amount of heat you would like to emit from the hearth. Whether you would like a bright, dramatic flame or a low, gentle glow, your gas fireplace can accommodate your preferences and perfectly set the mood.

Our gas fireplace inserts allow you to customize the surround of your fireplace with any type of stone or masonry work, which we can also complete for you! Some of our trusted gas fireplace brands include Kozy Heat, Mendota, and more.

We install, maintain, and repair all of our products at Avon Stove and Fireplace Co. You can look forward to spending many years in front of your gas fireplace with your family!