Gas stove

Gas Stoves, Fireplaces and Inserts

Gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts offer numerous advantages, one of which is they offer clean burning. There’s no need to clean up ashes or chop firewood to warm up your home any longer. Simply turn on the switch and enjoy the radiant heat from your gas stove!
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Wood stove

Wood Stoves, Fireplaces and Inserts

A wood stove, fireplace or insert can give your home a traditional, cozy feel. There’s nothing like the scent of a wood-burning fire, and you can look forward to lower utility bills with the use of your wood stove! Our wood stoves have beautiful glass doors to allow you to keep an eye on the flame and enjoy the sleek design.
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A warm fire can make even the coldest winter day more enjoyable. Fireplaces may not get much use in spring or summer, but come late fall and throughout the winter, the fireplace can be a great place for families to gather.

Before fireplace season hits full swing, Avon Stove and Fireplace Co. can and work with your stove, fireplace or insert to ensure the best venting system for you, your family and your house. 
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